Annual Report 2021

The latest Annual Report of the Otto Habsburg Foundation has been published. The publication gives an overview of our Fou

Lieber Otto von Habsburg! Dear Otto von Habsburg! – Children’s letters to Otto von Habsburg

“Addressing depends on how someone wants to address you. I’ve been through it all, so it matters less to me. I have many titles, but I don’t use them now because I have other things to do” – wrote Otto von Habsburg in a letter of reply dated 29 April 1996. He was responding to questions from a 16-year-old high school student, which were then published in the form of an interview in the local high school newspaper.

Invitation: Muslims in Christian Europe?

Dževada Šuško, Head of International Cooperation of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Professor at the International University of Sarajevo, will give two lectures in Budapest on issues of interreligious dialogue, the challenges facing the Muslim community, and significant political and social trends in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her presentations may provide interesting insights at a time when there is much talk about the EU integration of the Western Ba

The leaders of the Robert Schuman Foundation in Budapest

The President of the Robert Schuman Foundation, Jean-Dominique Giuliani, visited our Foundation on 10 May. The head of the renowned French think tank focusing on European issues, who is also in close contact with the EU policy makers of President Emmanuel Macron, was invited by the Otto von Habsburg Foundation to participate in several meetings and conferences during his short stay in Budapest.