Politics in Light of the Eucharist – Otto von Habsburg at the International Eucharistic Congresses

In connection with the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress to be held in Hungary in September 2021, it is worth recalling that the last heir to the Hungarian throne participated twice in this event of particular importance to the Catholic world. Otto von Habsburg first took part in the historically renowned Congress – first held in 1881 in Lille, France – in Barcelona in 1952 and then in Munich in 1960.

In Memoriam William de Gelsey

Today we say a final farewell in the Matthias Church to William de Gelsey, who died on February 26, 2021 at the age of 100. In addition to personal appreciation, we also commemorate him here, on the website of our Foundation, since in the early eighties he was the one who tried to promote Otto von Habsburg’s entry into Hungary.