Drawn by Realpolitik – Henry Kissinger 100

The Otto von Habsburg Foundation and the University of Public Service commemorated the American politician and historian Henry A. Kissinger with a conference entitled “Values and Realpolitik – Kissinger 100” on the centenary of his birth.

Tales about the Crown Prince

Several historical and political writings have been published in various languages about the life and career of Otto von Habsburg, while his figure has also been immortalised in many literary fictions. Following the coronation of the king in 1916, young Otto inspired a multitude of stories. On the occasion of Children’s Day, we present a selection from the last year of the Monarchy and the interwar period.

Central European Cooperation in the Shadow of War

The Otto von Habsburg Foundation and the Institute for Strategic Studies of the University of Public Service are organizing a joint conference on Tuesday, 6 June 2023 at 10:00 am. The aim of the event is to analyze the prospects for V4 cooperation and Germany’s future scope for action in the region.