The life and legacy of Otto von Habsburg – Conference and exhibition opening in Slovenia

The Otto von Habsburg Foundation, in cooperation with the Embassy of Hungary in Ljubljana and the Hungarian Cultural Centre, is organizing a conference and exhibition opening on Friday, 20 October 2023, at 5 pm at the Liszt Institute in Ljubljana.


Liszt Institute - Hungarian Cultural Centre






Otto von Habsburg is giving an interview

Otto von Habsburg campaigned for a free, united and social Europe from the early years of his career, and from 1979, as a member of the European Parliament, he formally was a shaper of the continent’s future. In the subsequent decade, the son of the last monarch of the Austro-Hungarian Empire actively followed the country’s secession from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and, as a member of the European Parliament, he was a vocal advocate of Slovenia’s plans for independence, expressing his opinion firmly in his speeches and writings: „It is in the interest of all of us to take into account the aspirations of small nations that have their own histories, national identities, and remarkable cultures and which can fulfil a beneficial role in the European Community.” – As he stated in one of his manifestos.

He visited the country on several occasions, first in 1991, at the official invitation of the National Assembly of Slovenia, then in the same year, as the head of the delegation of the European Parliament, he spent his time shuttling between the war-torn areas of the former Federation and the European decision-making centres to relay news and promote the international recognition of the country. At the turn of the millennium, he and his wife, Regina, were invited by the University of Maribor to receive an award. Lastly, he spoke at a meeting of the Pan-European Union in the capital city in 2006. Upon this final visit, the dedicated advocate of European integration was able to see for himself how the Republic of Slovenia, now a member of the European Union, is fulfilling his vision of a united continent.




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