In the Footsteps of Otto von Habsburg’s Benedictine teachers – Meeting in Pannonhalma

Otto von Habsburg’s educators formed his personality decisively. He received not only knowledge, but also national allegiance, spiritual and civilizational guidance from them. In the spirit of this, it is of great importance to explore the life path, thinking and working methods of Otto’s teachers, especially his Benedictine masters. With all this in mind, we visited the Benedictine Archabbey of Pannonhalma on December 14, 2020.


The Spanish flu, also known as the 1918 flu pandemic, was the first worldwide epidemic in history, wiping out about 3 to 5 percent of the world’s population. 98 years ago Charles IV, the father of Otto von Habsburg and the last Hungarian king, was among those who lost his life battling the disease.

Nomination of Otto von Habsburg for the post of president of the Republic of Hungary in 1989

Thirty years ago, on 30 September 1989, the name of Otto von Habsburg appeared in the domestic press as a candidate for the post of president of the Independent Smallholders, Farmers and Civic Party. In an interview with Radio Free Europe on the same day, Otto von Habsburg said he did not know about this idea, but later received a letter of nomination dated 29 September 1989.